Life is a roller coaster. We fight, push, and elbow our way through the ride on some gritty NYC grind type sh$t. Other times, we let grace take control and surrender to the divine flow of our loving universe. Both realities are reflected in the wholeness of our hearts. The bitter and the sweet of it all, right?

While the story of Grace + Grit began in 2020, the foundation started years ago through travel and shared experiences over coffee.  Through coffee, we connect with our community, foster deep relationships, and have the ability to see the good in all. When the world shut down during the pandemic, Grace + Grit was our way of continuing traditions, staying connected, and spreading joy.


We commit to sourcing, crafting, and delivering the finest quality coffee. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.  We choose every ethically sourced, small batch, hand-roasted bean with purpose. We create with care because you deserve nothing less. And whether in person or shipped across the states, our packages arrive with love and grace.

Coffee truly changes the world for the better. This messy, beautiful roller coaster of a life will always be a bit more enjoyable one bean, one cup, and one sip at a time. 

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